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What typical products to taste in Gratteri

In Gratteri you can enjoy the experience of a tasting of delicious typical dairy products, thanks to the wide variety of dairy products of the highest quality, derived from fresh milk of local animals, raised in the open air with the most care.

Handicrafts such as fresh cheese, made with care and love through the traditional procedures for the production of cheese, a unique delicacy, prepared only with the best products. The homemade caciocavallo, fresh and salted cottage cheese, genuine products derived from the best fresh milk.

For those used to supermarket food, tasting these handicraft products will be a unique experience.

In the restaurants of the area you can enjoy a delicious tasting of all these products, fresh and natural with an inimitable taste.

They are also available for purchase in the food shops of the village, to bring home with you products of the best quality.

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